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Three three-minute paragraphs, Cordite Poetry Review


These Are Different Waters, poetry book, Vagabond Press

Exchanges, poetic collaboration with Holly Isemonger, Australian Poetry Journal


Four Poems, HEAT Journal 

Towards an Asemic Space, Runway Journal 

Hallucinations with Fruits, Going Down Swinging Journal 


Asemic Works, Seen as Read Anthology, Kingston University Press


Ultramarine, Visual Verse

Diving, Rabbit Poetry Journal


Exercises in Illegibility, Otoliths Journal


Plastic City, Terra Firma

Avalon Airport / How to Unatomise the Fragment, Cordite Poetry Review


Spaces, Rabbit Poetry Journal

Gardening, Rabbit Poetry Journal

7 a.m. refractions, Cordite Poetry Review

Voicings, Red Room Poetry Company

Desire Lines, Desire Lines zine

Furnishings 1 & 2 [of the moment of], Otoliths Journal


Constellation, Cordite Poetry Review

Six Visual Works, Otoliths Journal


Temporary Whim, UTS Writers’ Anthology, Strange Objects Covered in Fur


Between Attraction, Vertigo


Locked Out on Easter Sunday, Rabbit Poetry Journal


The Window’s Light on the Floor under the Chair, Rabbit Poetry Journal



On ‘Sticky Bread Gets Sliced’ by Jackson Mac Low, Re:HEAT, Giramondo Publishing

Introduction: Gone for Good by Jack Lee, Ruin Press, 2021 
Review: Corey Wakeling The Alarming Conservatory, Cordite Poetry Review, 2018

Review: “Boundary Lines, Shifting forms and Revisions” on Sian Vate end motion / manifest and Zoe Dzunko Selfless Southerly Journal, 2017

Introduction: New Shoots Poetry Anthology, Red Room Poetry Company and Royal Botanic Gardens, 2017.

Article: Black Out: An examination of French public opinion towards nuclear energy, Larrikin Post issue. 6, 2016



Salon Series, Paperback Bookshop, 2023

Book Launch, The Alderman, 2023

Thin Red Lines, Brunswick Artists' Bar, 2023

Helen Anne Bell Poetry Bequest, USyd readings (towards the end) here, 2021
The Next Big Thing, The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne, 2018

Sick Leave 4, The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne, 2018

Unspoken Words, Red Rattler Theatre, Sydney, 2017

Subbed In, Blackwire Records, Sydney, 2016

Sydney Writers’ Festival, UTS Writers’ Anthology Launch, Walsh Bay 2015

Rabbit Poetry Launch, The AGE Issue, Melbourne, 2012


Interview: 3RRR Mel Fulton and Ella Skilbeck-Porter talk about These Are Different Waters

Graduate Researcher Series: an interview with Ella Skilbeck-Porter

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